Andre Polar Skibe





Andre Polar Skibe 

A Modern Galley ? Back to Ships today, but with an old photo taken from my albums of years at sea. This one is the MV Baie James in the dry dock in Saint John's Nfld on a sunny February day. Her hull was just freshly painted. She was laid up for five years in Saint-Johns, when she was sold. She was not in good shape when we arrived on board. A lot of things were missing. The original wooden steering wheel on the bridge was even gone. I joined her over there as second officer. She was refitted and worked again for two years in the canadian actic before she was sold again. Her previous name was the Percy M. Crosbie. She was working for some time in Canadian waters serving Newfoundland and Labrador ports and operated by Crosbie Lines. I only worked a few months on board, before I went back to another Great lake carrier. She was not young a young lady. Her very first name was the Perla Dan. But I did appreciate my time on board this ship. I was only nine years old when I boarded the MV Helga Dan in Trois-Rivieres, back in 1967.

They were the first ships to call up the Saint-Lawrence river during winter months back in the early sixties in Montreal. Today the port of Montreal is open all year long. The Perla Dan was constructed in Denmark by the J Lauritzen Lines as a sister ship to the Magga Dan & Thala Dan . She was equipped with very similar features and was used successfully for station resupply and large scale exploration. Capable of travelling at 12 knots with up to 35 passengers, the Perla Dan was ice strengthened to an unusual extent. She was built to the demands of both Lloyds+ 100 A1 "Strengthened for Navigation in Ice", and Finnish Ice Class 1 A. Stem and shell plating were increased beyond normal.

Like the Thala Dan, she was fitted with an ice knife, to protect the rudder when going astern. Three ice fins were arranged on each side of the hull to protect the propeller from ice damage. Her specifications were as follows: Main engine Burmeister & Wain type 735-VBF-62. The engine was a direct reversible single-acting two-stroke, 7-cylinder diesel motor with turbo charge. Normal output of the engine was about 2060 horsepower at 300 revs per minute. length 75.135 metres breadth moulded 131.72 metres draft fully loaded 6 metres bunker capacity 450 tons consumption 8 tons per day excluding refrigeration range of action 16 000 miles speed 12 knots passenger capacity 35 The ship was specially equipped as a refrigerated ship with insulated holds to carry fruit, frozen meat and fish for long periods. She did work in the Antarctic for years chartererd by the Australian Governement. ___________________________________________________

Rettelse af FHV. Kapt. Vilhelm Pedersen, han har sejlet med begge skibe som både styrmand og kaptajn. / pkh

Perla Dan: Perla Dan var næsten søsterskib til Varla Dan bygget på samme værft: Pusnes i Norge. Den eneste forskel var, så vidt jeg husker,Perla havde vendbar skrue, hvor Varla havde fast skrue. Den var således ikke søsterskib til Thala og Magga Dan.

Perla har ALDRIG været chartret til Australierne og havde oprindelig ikke p lads til 35 passagerer. Den blev muligvis ombygget, for at medtage flere passagerer end oprindelig,idet den i flere år blev chartret af englænderne til sejlads i den engelske sektor i Antarctis.(British Antarctis Survey) tror jeg det hed. og den havde ikke isolerede lastrum. Magga var fuldt køleskib,havde nogle få spantefag mere maskinrum end Thala for at give plads til kompressorerne, og Magga havde 4 hjælpemotorer mod Thalas 2, for at skaffe strøm til kompressorerne. _____________________________________________________

She even appeared on a few postage stamps. Check it out! here Scanned from the Original 35mm print photo and filtered. Kept the original colors. Image uncropped. Cheers! ---O---